Treatments and Massages

Our Biologique Recherche treatments are available in multiple versions, for the face and for the body. Enjoy this relaxing break by discovering our detailed treatment menu before making an appointment with our beauticians.

High-Tech Spa

A true invitation to a timeless break, our unique mountain spa offers unique and innovative treatments. Mostleds, Iyashi dome, Wellsystem.


Among these exceptional treatments, VIVACE and HydraFacial are the most innovative treatments on the market. The HydraFacial treatment opens a new era in facial purification treatments. 


Offrez-vous un moment de calme et d’évasion au sauna ou au hammam pour vous détendre et vous ressourcez pleinement. Prenez place dans le sauna du Refuge, confortablement aménagé qui offre une vue féérique sur les montagnes.

Biological Research

The Biological Research Methodology has been based for 45 years on a clinical approach to aesthetic care. It is based on tailor-made treatment protocols based on the Skin Moment©.

Biological Research expertise

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The Spa du Refuge de la Traye is now a partner of the prestigious Biologique Recherche brand, recognized for its clinical approach to personalized aesthetic care. Because you are unique and the needs of your skin evolve over time, Biologique Recherche relies on a methodology based on tailor-made care protocols based on the Skin Moment©.

It takes place in three stages: analysis of the specific needs of the skin through an in-depth dermo-cosmetic diagnosis – preparation of the epidermis with in-depth cleansing, enzymatic exfoliation, application of a Booster and application of a mask. – and finally, treatment of the epidermis with the application of products, highly concentrated in active ingredients, adapted to each person's Skin Moment© for a real result from the first treatment. Enjoy an exceptional moment while enjoying the effectiveness on your skin.


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The Refuge de La Traye offers you a unique range of traditional treatments combined with innovative technologies. Discover one of the most innovative treatments on the market, “VIVACE” which is a medical-aesthetic device combining the action of microneedling and radiofrequency. It is a deep treatment which redensifies the skin, improves its elasticity, improves scars and acts on skin sagging. 

The effectiveness of this extraordinary treatment lies in stimulating the natural production of collagen. Thus radiofrequency energy is delivered through microneedles which penetrate to precise depths. This completely painless process allows you to benefit from immediate results right after your treatment while resuming normal activities. 



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This treatment is equipped with a tip which, according to your wish, can propel vitamin complexes.

Composed of several steps, this technique will first eliminate dead cells, then clean the pores by sucking out impurities. In order to accentuate the benefits of the HydraFacial, your Medispa expert can suggest combining it with Mostleds. Thus creating a virtuous combination that combines the benefits of light therapy with those of HydraFacial. Your skin is deeply regenerated, it is plumped and your complexion is luminous!


The light takes care!

Phototherapy or LED light therapy offers a wide spectrum of applications. Light heals, soothes, energizes: cellular regeneration, relief of pain, rheumatism, helps with skin rejuvenation, reduction of orange peel skin, relaxation... This LED bed is the only light generator in the world designed to offer larger treatment area, thereby increasing the repertoire of medical, aesthetic and wellness applications. This cutting-edge technology offers a photobiomodulation device with unprecedented therapeutic effectiveness.

Iyashi Dome

The unique concept of Sauna Iyashi Dome

Coming from Japanese tradition, it allows you to both slim down and purify your body while improving your health. Its technology based on long infrared rays helps your body eliminate heavy metals and toxins by producing in one session the same amount of sweat as running at least 20 kilometers (600 kilocalories). The Iyashi Dôme nevertheless makes it possible to avoid the negative effects of intensive sports practice. 

The Iyashi Dôme is a real tool allowing you to take care of your body and your health:

– Slimming
– Reduction of the “orange peel” appearance
– Refinement of the silhouette
– Anti-aging effect on your skin
– Muscle relaxation
– Detoxify and purify the body
– Improve the individual’s terrain


The focused force of water

This water massage system provides incomparable body well-being. This therapeutic treatment, complete or partial, thanks to the targeted force of the water, is carried out without undressing or showering. The heat generated activates the entire metabolism, the force of the water and the impact of the jets optimize joint, connective and circulatory movements.


Exclusive and certified Medical Device technology

The STENDO is a circulatory stimulation device, it is a real rehabilitation treatment and a new well-being ritual. This cardio-synchronized massage system is patented worldwide. Non-invasive, it spreads up to 1000 massaging pressures per minute, between each heartbeat. connective and circulatory.

Milk bath & bed of hay

Discover all the benefits of a milk bath and a bed of hay while admiring an exceptional view.

The Milk Bath

Milk is known for its moisturizing properties which prevent drying of the skin thanks to its beneficial actions. It stimulates cell renewal and reduces natural browning of the skin.

At the end of the day, take advantage of this treatment to reduce your stress while taking care of yourself.

The Hay Bed or “Alpenbadl”

A therapy also called phytobalneotherapy offers a unique experience that invites relaxation in an original way.

Immersed in fresh hay, this treatment combines the effects of the steam bath with the essential oils of hay, ideal for those suffering from neck and back pain.

Breathing becomes smoother and muscles relax thanks to the heat, while strengthening the immune system and eliminating toxins.

Herbal tea

an intimate and warm space 

Between two treatments, enjoy this place of relaxation and well-being.

An intimate and warm space, our herbal tea room will allow you to take a tasty break while enjoying an herbal tea or tea available à la carte.

The serenity and tranquility of the place prolong the benefits of the care provided by our therapists.

Sauna & hammam

Take a seat in the Refuge's sauna, comfortably furnished and offering a magical view of the mountains. You will peacefully enjoy this moment of relaxation while benefiting from the benefits of dry heat.


Adjoining the sauna, the hammam also invites you to relax and daydream in a steam bath.

Verso was launched in 2013, as a useful contribution to skincare, committed to providing essential products that effectively target the skin's daily needs. With science as a starting point, Verso produces high quality products with a low number of ingredients.

Developed on the basis of a personalized dermo-cosmetic diagnosis, following a Skin Instant analysis©, Biologique Recherche treatments are adapted to your needs.

Your skin is alive, and it is made to adapt to your life. Since 1978, Esthederm has revealed the best in itself day after day, to make your skin more beautiful, and sustainably preserve its potential for youth and health.

Piscine et Bain nordique

Our magnificent outdoor infinity pool welcomes you all year round. You have direct access to the swimming pool from the rooms, facing you, the flowering mountain pastures and the peaks of the Alps. Deckchairs by the pool allow you to fully enjoy the sun. Something to delight mountain lovers!

On the sauna and hammam side, you have access to the outdoor jacuzzi, a real moment of tranquility, let yourself be lulled by the relaxing bubbles…

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